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This may be attributed to new police programs directed at combating the increasing criminality in the last few years.

According to crime statistics for the canton of Geneva, there was a seven percent decrease in overall crime, reported “thefts with violence” decreased 38 percent from 2013, pickpocketing fell by nine percent (to 5,245 cases), but the number of “thefts from vehicles” rose six percent.

Overall Crime and Safety Situation Post Crime Rating: Medium Crime Threats The government releases statistics for each calendar year in April of the following year (statistics for 2015 will not be released until April 2016). According to crime statistics provided by Swiss authorities, 2014 saw a decline in “thefts with violence” and pickpocketing across the cantons of Geneva and Vaud.

The number of residential burglaries in both cantons remained essentially the same; there was an increase in “thefts from vehicles” in both. There were 41 murders in Switzerland in 2014, the lowest rate since 1982.

Swiss highways are toll roads, and it is necessary to purchase an annual "vignette" (40 Swiss Francs), which is affixed to the inside of the windshield.