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, as well as the Honduran human rights group, COFADEH, the agents of the U. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), dressed in military uniforms, killed at least four and possibly six civilians in a raid which took place on Friday, May 11.

They weren't alone."There was an infinite number of people," Wendy said Tuesday, during an interview with The (Palm Springs, Calif.) Desert Sun, which agreed to only use the women's first names in order to protect their identities.

The majority, she said, were mothers and their children, unaccompanied minors — teens and younger children — or pregnant women. Wendy, 32, said that after she and the others emerged from the Rio Grande River and set foot on American soil, Border Patrol agents awaited them.

According to , the mayor of Ahuas decried the killings, saying that "[t]hese operations were performed irresponsibly" and that the people in his community live in fear "because they now have the threat of operations because they kill poor people... COFADEH was founded in 1982 in response to the disappearance of 69 persons that year. This doctrine, according to COFADEH, "included a systematic and selective form of human rights violations.

" COFADEH, the Committee of the Families of the Disappeared of Honduras, has been very pointed in its condemnation of the role the U. As COFADEH explains on its website , it believes that the disappearances which took place in the 1980's (a total of 184 between 19), was the direct result of the National Security Doctrine which the U. The most emblematic violations were torture, murders and enforced disappearances" of the type which the U. had sponsored in the Southern Cone of South America in the 1970s.

"In my opinion, we need to do everything we can to ensure these individuals that are here also have an opportunity to (fulfill) the American Dream."The White House asked Congress on Tuesday for $3.7 billion to help speed up deportation proceedings of undocumented women and children crossing through Texas.