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These experiences provided him with a valuable external view of European prehistory, which was to prove useful on his return to Britain.After the war he went to Oxford to study the work of William Stukeley, but in 1946 was offered the Abercromby Chair in Archaeology at Edinburgh University (now part of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology), in succession to Gordon Childe.

It was also here that he met his wife, Peggy (Margaret Guido).

In 1937 he published another seminal paper, "The early Bronze Age in Wessex", and with his wife went on in June 1939 to join the burial chamber excavations at Sutton Hoo at the invitation of Charles Phillips.

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In 1933, he joined his friend Grahame Clark in writing the highly significant paper, "The age of the British flint mines" (Antiquity, 1933): the resultant controversy led to the foundation of the Prehistoric Society.