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The pendulum of most Gustav Becker 400-day clocks takes the form of a heavy, lipped disc with two small weights on top that can be adjusted in or out to regulate rotation speeds.Other makers also use a plainer disc but the four rotating balls type pendulum is the most common.

Clear cut pendulum balls rotate in one direction, then stops and rotates the other. Accurate, quartz battery operated movement and pendulum. Size: 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide Polished brass finished 9" glass-domed anniversary clock with metal base and goldtone triple crown finial. 6 1/4"Bulova B1534 Empire Anniversary Clock is an elegant contemporary styled clock.

A two-toned satin brass dial features a circular spun silver, numeral ring with raised, embossed center design and black Roman numerals surrounded by a brass-tone bezel. The dark Espresso finish truly accentuates the silver clock face and pendulum.

Also, they do not fully understand the pallets set up is different in these clocks, and so they struggle to set them up.

Unless you really know what you're doing, these torsion clocks be a problem but not if you treat them with some respect.

~ Order today - Ships Today ~ Anniversary style mantel clock in a solid wood case with an old world walnut finish.