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The twins, from New Milford, Connecticut, have learned to share every part of their lives.When talk of separation surgery came up, Lupita and Carmen asked their mother, 'Why would you want to cut us in half?When they continued to thrive, their parents, Norma and Victor, considered separation but were told it was too risky because of how many organs they shared (Carmen, left, and Lupita, right, at age one) The family moved to the US on a medical visa when the girls were two years old in hopes that doctors could separate them, but they were told the same news they'd heard in Mexico (pictured as guests on The Tyra Banks Show in 2007) The girls have learned to live their lives in tandem but have very different personalities.

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However, they share some ribs, a liver, their circulatory system, and their digestive and reproductive systems (Pictured at unknown date, left and at their quinceanera in 2015, right)Lupita and Carmen are omphalopagus twins, which make up 10 percent of all conjoined twins.

It means each of the girls has a heart, a set of arms, a set of lungs and a stomach.

They want to have careers as veterinarians or in some aspect of animal husbandry.

Carmen said: 'It's more therapeutic than actually talking it out with a counselor or things like that.

With conjoined twins, the bladder and uterus still function regularly, but one girl has control of one or both of the organs - although it is unclear in this case which girl.