Dating site for ivy league grads

At a couple of our League Mixers in LA, SF, and NYC I talked to users and discovered that almost all of them had the same issues I do around timing, availability, and matching up with others that have a similar level of motivation (e.g.

willingness to get off the couch to meet someone new).

Looking at all this data made me realize The League needs to also prioritize profiles based on INTENT, not just probability of match.

Our probability algorithm needed another variable to know that a user REALLY likes someone and is motivated to meet them in person. We designed a Power Move feature that allows us to identify someone who is serious about meeting in person.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new ranking claims that all the single Yalies aren’t looking too good these days.

A college dating site — yes, those are real — called Date My is claiming that, based on a mysterious “hotness ratio,” Yale is the ugliest college in the Ivy League, according to an article posted to the Atlantic Wire Tuesday morning.

With such an important city as Los Angeles, we couldn’t risk not having an amazing product experience for them!