Dating the enemy tv show

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Already binged the entire series of The Crown on Netflix?

Here’s another period treat to enjoy, also set in the recent past.

But what happens when your brother dates your ex BFF? If she's not having it, you look like the best sister in the world, and she just looks petty. You can't force him to stop seeing someone because you hate them.

That's one question the Kardashians will have to answer now that their brother, Rob Kardashian, has begun a relationship with their sworn enemy, Blac Chyna. And you don't want a former friendship to end your sibling bond.

BBC Two’s Close to the Enemy is set in war-damaged London, following a set of characters whose lives were changed forever by the second World War. “I have written a lot about the 1930s, but never about 1946 before,” Poliakoff said.