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It is an indispensable research tool for scholars and students of Greek, of linguistics, and of other Indo-European languages, as well as of Biblical literature. Bartenev, a longtime editor of the journal, and untended to make a comprehensive coverage of Russian history.A well-known monthly journal of history and literature, published in Moscow in 1863-1917 (1880-1884 — bimonthly). "Russkii Arkhiv" published mostly unreleased memoirs, epistolary, literary and institutional documentary materials that highlighted the cultural and political history of the Russian nobility in XVIII and XIX centuries.

Dating to relating a to z

Aviation Technology Backlogs, DNA Evidence Ballistic Resistance, see Body Armor Ballistic matching, see Law Enforcement Use of the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network Batterer Intervention Biometrics Body Armor Body-worn Cameras Bomb Suit Standard, NIJ Standard-0117.00 Bombing and Explosion Scene Investigation Guide Boot Camps (Lessons From a Decade of Research, NIJ Research for Practice) Bulletproof Vests, see Body Armor Bullying, see Rated Programs and Practices Bullying (Crime​ Bullying, Cyber​Burglary, see Rated Programs and Practices on ​Burglary (Crime Cameras, Body-worn Campus, Sexual Assault on Cellular Digital Packet Data, Migrating Challenges, see Using Challenges to Find Solutions Children Exposed to Violence, (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Crime Children Exposed to Violence​, Child Abuse and Maltreatment) CIRCLE Project, Evaluation of the Comprehensive Indian Resources for Community and Law Enforcement Project Collective Efficacy, See Neighborhoods and Crime: Collective Efficacy and Social Cohesion in Miami-Dade County Cold Case, Solving with DNA Community Corrections (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Crime Community Corrections, Parole, and Probation) Community Crime Prevention, see Rated Programs and Practices on Community Crime Prevention (Crime Policing, see Publications on Community Policing, Rated Programs on Community Policing (Crime Compromised DNA Evidence Computer Crime, see Digital Evidence and Forensics Computer Forensics, see Digital Evidence and Forensics Conducted Energy Devices Contraband Detection Controlled Substance, Analyzing Convictions, Inventory of Collateral Consequences of Convictions Convictions, Wrongful (See also Postconviction DNA Testing) Cooperative Agreements, see Comparing Grants and Cooperative Agreements Corrections, Technology Corruption, International (See Transnational Organized Crime) Courtroom, Digital Evidence in the Courts, (see also Rated Programs and Practices ​on Crime Courts, Specialized and Problem Solving​, (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Problem-solving Courts (Crime​) Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grant Program Crime Mapping, see Mapping and Analysis Crime Prevention, (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Crime Prevention (Crime​) Crime Prevention Research Working Group Crime Scene Investigation Cyberbullying Cybercrime, see Digital Evidence and Forensics Data Resources Program Dating Violence, and Teens Death Investigation, Scene Investigation Guide Delinquency, Prevention, (See also NIJ Research in Brief Toward Safe and Orderly Schools—The National Study of Delinquency Prevention in Schools, and Rated Programs and Practices on Delinquency Prevention (Crime Dentistry, Forensic (Odontology) Digital Evidence and Forensics Directed Police Patrols, to Prevent Gun Violence Displacement (See Do Prevention and Deterrence Programs Displace Crime to Other Areas?

) DNA, Forensic Domestic Violence, see Intimate Partner Violence (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Domestic Violence (Crime​ Domestic Violence Courts Drugs and Crime, (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Drugs and Crime (Crime​))Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses, see Rated Programs and Practices on Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses (Crime Drug Courts (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Drug Courts (Crime Drug Detection, on Surfaces in Correctional Facilities Drug Markets, see NIDA-NIJ Joint Initiative for Research on Retail Drug Markets (pdf, 2 pages) p Drug Markets, Illegal Prescription Drug Market Interventions Drug Treatment, Medication Assisted (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Drug Markets (Crime Use Forecasting, see Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Programs Du Bois, W. B., Fellowship Program Economic Distress and Intimate Partner Violence Electro-muscular Disruption Technology, (See Conducted Energy Devices) Electronic and Internet Crime Electronic Monitoring Elder Abuse Evaluations, Programs (See NIJ Journal article "Maximize Your Evaluation Dollars") Evidence, Types of Exonerations, Postconviction DNA Testing Program Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation Guide Expert Systems (See article "Expert Systems Help Labs Process DNA Samples") Eyewitness Identification Facial Recognition Familicide, Murder-Suicide in Families Family violence (See Children Exposed to Violence, Elder Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Violence Against Women & Family Violence) Fatigue, Stress and Work Hours Fellowship Programs Fingerprints Fingerprint, Capture Technology Fire and Arson Investigation Fire Scene Investigation Guide Firearms Violence Firearms Violence Prevention Firearms Violence, Publications Foreclosures, Using Geographic Information Systems to Assess Influence on Crime Foreclosures, Mortgage Fraud and Neighborhood Decline Meeting (pdf, 555 pages) Forensic DNA Forensic Laboratories, Technology Transition Workshops Forensic Sciences Funding Gangs (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Gangs (Crime​))Gateways, interoperability (See Interoperability Gateways/Interconnects) Geographic Data Sources for Criminal Justice Analysis Global Positioning Systems, Evaluation Use in Community Corrections )Grants (see Funding) Grants Management System (GMS), Training and Technical Assistance Gun Markets Gun Violence Gun Violence Prevention (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Gun Violence Prevention (Crime, see Criminal Justice Restraints Standard NIJ Standard-1001.00 Hate crime Homicide, see Rated Programs and Practices on Hate Crime (Crime

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