Dating without drama

That was refreshing because it seems like all the advice out today is geared to what we need to do or not do to be the "ideal dateable girl", but says very little to guys about what they need to work on! This book is a real page turner, I've even highlighted a few sections that really resonated with me.I used this book to discuss with my other single friends over dinner.

Dating without drama-13

My thanks to Lisa for pouring out her life story (so far) in this insanely honest and much needed book.

I especially loved how she ended the last chapter on God's Sovereignty in the whole journey of singleness.

I've listened to Lisa on the boundless show and when I saw this book I was really excited to read it. To Lisa: Again thanks for writing and for sharing your journey with us!

This is a fantastic resource for singles, young marrieds, and Christian ministries in general!

I am excited to know that there are other singles, especially wiser (and older, ahem!