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I wouldn’t say that I’ve mastered attraction, but I have exercised it enough that for the first time in my life women are finding me attractive and I at least know enough to keep improving.

Attraction isn’t my issue, and as I read more I find the gurus constantly going over old ground but never addressing what I believe is the massive bottleneck in my dating life. The world that I live in seems to be entirely populated by couples and single men, and every effort I have ever made over the years to meet single women has just brought me into contact with single men out looking for women with the same idea as me.

It isn’t until something feels “real” to you that you can really believe it and once you believe something – that is when you can really integrate that mindset and start to experience your world in a whole new way.

You see the brain will always look for what you are asking it to look for.

And, while you maybe be thinking, “But HAF these women are NOT datable” – it still proves to be a very important step in my grand master plan. It doesn’t trick your mind into an abundance mindset – it CONVINCES through real life experience that there is an abundance of woman around you.