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It turns out I could not put it down and read it in a day.It was a quick, charming read, with entertaining characters.

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Definitely a unique twist on modern chick lit themes. I knew the premise, and I knew it would be a light, cute, romantic read. As others have indicated, it is pageturner -- I couldn't put it down! I didn't expect her to declare her eternal love for him. Not the kind of romantic partnership I can comfortably root for.

As a girl that was raised Roman Catholic, I usually stay away from any book or movie with a subject matter regarding Satan.

While it affords plenty of opportunities for self-improvement and creative endeavors, it’s hell on dating.

AND if your “date” is also divorced with children, chances are their schedule is exactly opposite from yours, if they’re on the SPO prescribed by the state and enforced on 80% of Texas men, for example.

If you've ever dated in New York (or any big city), you'll definitely be able to relate to Lucie. It makes it impossible to read the book and get a coherent grip on the story line.