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white women don't seem to respond to East Indian men in the same way white men respond to east indian women.

ECLEO - You are probably one of a kind and I really wish we lived closer to each other Da Hitman - yes you are correct some east indian men don't really respect women that much but usually they are the ones who were brought up in India/Pakistan and then came here at a later age.

With open-mindedness comes respect and appreciation for one another, and although I would prefer to date a westernized Indian man as opposed to one raised there, for the same reasons I prefer an open-minded Mexican, Lebanese or hill-billy from Kansas, it all boils down to the initial attraction felt along with the ability to put aside all prejudices.

PS: I certainly think Indian men are hot and are in.

I myself being a person of Indian heritage have never had much problem meeting and dating women outside of the online medium but just feel that women are more hesitant over here and don't really respond that much to a person of Indian Heritage. I didn't even consider the fact that he is east indian.