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I will also describe how each type can personally grow to overcome any of their self-limiting beliefs. A Perfectionist is concerned with being good, correcting error, doing what one should, and getting things right. The focus on what is “good” and “right” gets put out into relationships.

As you read through these different types, you may get a sense of where you fit or you may not clearly see it. They have an active inner voice that guides them to do the right thing. The strong sense of “it should be this way” voiced by the Perfectionist — in the interest of what seems right — makes it look like there’s only one way of doing things, their way.

Most relationships encounter discrepancies between one partner wanting to be closer, and the other wanting space.

The Giver usually suffers the lack of connection in this classic “connection vs. This leaves them particularly vulnerable to feeling rejected and the pain of loss.

Afro-pop singer Kelly Khumalo set social media ablaze when she was recently spotted with a traditional healer at the Saxon Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.