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In October 1968, Ballard gave birth to twin girls Michelle and Nicole Chapman. Troubles in her personal life continued, however, as Thomas left Ballard later that year, causing her home to go into foreclosure.

Ballard's financial woes worsened because she refused to return to the stage.

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Mary Wilson would later attribute Ballard's personality as an adult and subsequent self-destructive behavior to the assault Ballard experienced when she was a teen.

The Primettes never officially designated anyone as the lead vocalist, so often the group would just sing in unison or swap roles among the trio as lead singer.

(Gladys Horton, lead singer of The Marvelettes, sought Ballard's advice before she famously recorded "Please Mr.

Postman.") Although Ballard had a huge and soulful voice, she never sang lead again on another released 45 single for the group.

Lovingly referred to as "Blondie" because of her auburn hair and mixed racial heritage, Ballard would befriend a neighborhood girl named Mary Wilson after competing against her in several local talent shows.