Dotdating com

This contract details the SLA we intend on achieving with this TLD.

As can be seen in the contract we have exceeded the ICANN required SLA on every parameter.

The string itself differentiates the niche that this TLD will cater to.

By offering more and better choice of names, we aim to be the preferred choice g TLD for bloggers across the world.* Most g TLDs have largely focused on developed markets with 70 % internet penetration.

However, with the growth in the usage of blogs, both commercially and non-commercially, a TLD that clearly sets aside a URL as a blog will help bloggers distinguish their online identity from the myriad of domains in use, and certainly add value to the existing blogosphere.

An increasing number of organisations also maintain an active blog allowing them to interact with their stakeholders, customers etc.

Blogging has evolved into an interesting blend of commercial and non-commercial activity with many users looking for ways to create an online impression. Due to the saturated nature of the existing g TLD space, many Internet users have to opt for a name that does not suit their needs best.