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How can we address our regrets in ways that are healthy, faithful and redemptive?

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Many of us have likely thought this impossible thought: I wish that I could go back and do it over again.

This is the very wish granted to Erica Strange, the protagonist of "Being Erica," a series which opens its fourth season tonight on Canada's CBC network.

And we are, all of us, living with regrets today - whether they are actions and choices or whole life patterns and attitudes.

Regret rankles inside us and natters at us, convicting us of old wrongs so that they fill us with guilt afresh.

Tom - Michael Riley Ethan - Tyron Leitso Gary Strange - John Boylan Claire - Laurence Leboeuf Soapnet’s original series “Being Erica,” a Canadian import, taps into the current American psyche with its comic blend of personal anxiety and wistful nostalgia.