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“Many old West African families have private library collections that go back hundreds of years.

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Additional information came from You Tube channel ‘dogons2k12 : African Historical Ruins’, and The Ta Neter Foundation work. At the end of the 13th century, a European traveler encountered the great metropolis in West Africa (present Nigeria, Edo State), writing: “The town seems to be very great.

When you enter into it, you go into a great broad street, not paved, which seems to be seven or eight times broader than the Warmoes street in Amsterdam…The Kings palace is a collection of buildings which occupy as much space as the town of Harlem, and which is enclosed with walls.

All quotes and excerpts below are from the books of Robin Walker and PD Lawton.

I highly recommend you to read Walker’s book ‘When We Ruled’ to get a full account of the beauty of the continent before its destruction.

National Geographic recently described Timbuktu as the Paris of the mediaeval world, on account of its intellectual culture.