Faito camshaft for sale

The descriptions within each group show the characteristics of the cams in that group as well as any recommended modifications to the car or engine that will help get the desired performance.

May need improved carb, exhaust and ignition systems. MELL-LUBE now has 1,400 PPM zinc for better protection.

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Hydraulic flat tappet lifters are included with each Performer RPM camshaft.

Designed to work with Torker II manifolds for performance from 2500 to 6500 rpm, these camshafts are ideal for high-performance street, drag or marine applications.

-New pattern surface increases the balance in riding and easy to stabilized on the road.

Faito Racing cams for Crypton Z and X1 Low Cam Advance w/ Rocker arms and bearings- P2,300 Faito S4 EVO Cams w/ bearings- P2,000 For more Mid to Topend power at higher RPM's increases Torque Fixed price na po lahat Plus P165 for LBC shipping 100% Brandnew and Orig.

It will determing the rate of acceleration at the initial starting and response on cruising power zone.