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I'm here for myself, too; loving this body is a journey, not a destination. Thanks, body, for showing up, even when I treated you like shit. You're AWFULLY cute in them.” I figured she must say that to all of the folks she photographs. I didn't even know I could be more than the sum of my fatty parts.

I'm here, saying, ♦♦♦ Because check it out — my body is fat. In adulthood, I've starved myself, run until I was broken. Fat-photographer code: I didn’t open the attachments right away, because I was sure she was lying. I only knew that since I can recall being aware of my body, I've been aware of the importance of its beauty.

I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained hundreds of pounds. That is fine, because fat is one thing I am, but it is not the That is fine, because this — all of this, you see — is fleeting, erasable.

And I’ve finally landed in the plus-size section, in the back corner of Target, or else relegated to online shopping. This body, even if it were thin, could not replace the warm embrace of a partner who loves me; the breathy, sweaty hugs of my children; the rich soil of my garden; the slice of freshly-frosted birthday cake.

In his new comedy series, Episodes, which is being made jointly by U. cable channel Showtime and the BBC, Le Blanc will play himself in a fly-on-the-wall-style drama about a downmarket TV reality show.