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And now we have smoking gun internal evidence that Israel is quietly formalizing its unusual alliance with Saudi Arabia and its power-hungry and hawkish crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. Also telling your diplomats to apply pressure and make the case that the iranian hezbola problem constitutes A serious threat is hardly A smoking gun of Israel intentionally starting A war, like say firing missiles at say Tehran, or giving some kurds A missile to do it for them.

The picture just gets more and more clear every day. Then there is the considerable evidence of Iranian aggression and hostile intention against Israel, iran has said they will wipe the 'Zionist' entity off the map, and chanted death to the Jews, high ranking government officials, called Israel the little Satan, A sign of demonization, had their patriots seig hailing, as an insult to the mass murder of Jews, A reasonable proof that Jews have been demonized in the minds of iranians, and stated that they want nuclear weapons, they are ready to start their program really quick, and they are involved in supporting terrorist proxies that reach to the northern borders of Israel and fund hamas who openly says they want to conquer all of Israel.

it's imperative to understand that no broad brush which targets people for their 'racio-religious' affiliations from accident of birth can accommodate the wonders of the human spirit. and gain some of their courage in the fight to the death against talmudic terror...

I know many people hope the Jews die, to you I say right back at you, but to those of you who are capable of fairness when the Jews are involved, my question to you is in those circumstances I listed above, would you risk some hostile nation attaining nuclear weapons?

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