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Aside from my own limitations on how many hot girls I can fuck each day, I also want to leave some time for meeting new girls and fucking them.

And all this Pussy has come to me from using mamba.

Just for an info I did try to approach some girls through badoo 3-4 months ago and I had some success but I didn't approach them with having in mind to have sex with them. Did not notice any real difference in the girls Andrei provided the second time vs the first time.

Kinda as expected, his "friendship" is only as long as he can get money out of you.

Also congratulations for your ability to write big articles. So I end up having to blow off a lot of them saying that I have too many business meetings, or that I'm sick, or some other excuse, so they won't get too pissed at me, and tell them I will hope to see them on my next visit. One thought I was looking for friendship, and declined my offer when I explained it more explicitly. Naturally girls will be more interested in long time sponsorship than a one-off thing. If I knew all these, I would probably choose somewhere else for my vacation (Prague, for example).