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The main reason as with a residential system for a security system is to deter thieves.

But there are other reasons like to make your customers feel safe or to check what your employees are up to during business hours.

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They are the best kind of cameras to use if you want to provide evidence of any suspicious activity you have on camera.

While they are readily available for both commercial and residential use, they cost a lot more than other cameras.

Below is a list of different types of security cameras and will give you an idea on how to choose right a best Security Camera System. It is usually cylindrical or rectangular and can be put on a wall by using a mounting arm. Bullet cameras do not have remote movement, and you manually adjust them to give you the coverage you are looking for.

They are dome-shaped, and the camera has a dome cover.

The advantage of dome cameras is that they are difficult to destroy and are a better deterrent to would-be thieves.