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It's probably the best choice along with Match for finding a relationship but I wouldn't go as far as to recommend it to someone who's looking for something casual.

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I've tried the following sites and I had absolutely no luck in finding anyone. This was probably one of the most difficult sites for me.

I must have sent a few dozen messages and only got 1 reply. I got very frustrated on this one and had trouble cancelling my membership.

I was one of those creepy guys that sent pictures of his junk to every woman on the site. Learned the hard way that isn't the best approach to score with women on these kinds of sites. Some of us prefer to hook up with someone based on more than just physical appearance. There are many things that will sway me to contact a member and physical appearance is not one of them. Not only do I look for more in a match, but I also don't want someone to be interested in me solely on looks.

My personal favorite hook up site is Ashley Madison.

I'm not looking for anything serious, just a casual hookup. I would like to blame it on the sites I've used but the truth is I've joined more than a dozen in the past couple of months and haven't had any success on any of them.