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Lauryn with a “y.”Moderator Bryce: Lauryn, glad you came out tonight. Me and my friends were just at the bar, and some guys walked by saying they were gonna get their heroine here. Japanese youths brought up in the digital apparently find face-to-face interaction daunting, but after taking physical appearance out of the equation, they tend to be more outgoing.

Moderator Bryce: And what brought you to Love Monkey? Corey sold the 3-series he got for graduation for $300, and his dad paid eight grand to get it back.

Then they run around town buying it back, because they’re lawyers and shit.

No, no one wants to buy your picture of Justin Timberlake.

Please, head on over to the bar and have a drink on us.

Somewhere in the room someone is holding the picture of that celebrity’s significant other.