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But it’s less of a revolutionary jump than the i Phone 4S was over its predecessor—at least the new i Phone had a much-hyped digital assistant, even if she didn’t quite turn out to be 100% reliable, especially for the Scottish. The more updates to the i Pad that Apple rolled out over the years, the odder numbering each might have appeared.

The new i Pad is an update, the latest version—but not a whole new piece of hardware. By i Pad 15, it would have looked like a bad horror movie series—though Robin Sloan’s tweets from the future would seem to indicate that i Pad 8 was totally awesome.

Mesabi East i Pad Responsibilities and Insurance Options For 2017-2018, like most districts that have implemented 1:1 initiatives, Mesabi East grades 5-12 students and families will be responsible for damaged or lost devices.

To offset possible costs, the District is providing families with i Pad insurance plan choices, as affordable as possible, to protect against the full cost of repair or replacement.

However, you will need to choose one of the options, ranging from “No Insurance" to Single Plan annual coverage starting at $30 ($15 Free/Reduced), and Family Plan annual coverage starting at $45 ($22.50 Free/Reduced). If you choose the “No Insurance” plan, you will be held responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement. Mesabi East Schools is pleased to be able to provide access to an i Pad for our students.