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For example: maybe you want him to hang with your friends more or call you more often. Source: Shutter Stock Most of the time, your friends are generally going to encourage you to stay away from an ex in an attempt to help you.

And while they're not always right, sometimes they are.

One has just been through a messy break up but has moved through the ‘Bridget Jones ice-cream on couch’ stage and is now at the ‘ready to go out and party’ stage.

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Or was it because of something much bigger, like distance or one of you wanting something the other person doesn't want?

If the problems you had before can't be resolved, there is no point in getting back together...

My current boyfriend and I broke up almost two years ago for a few months.

Obviously, we ended up getting back together and I couldn’t be happier about that decision – our “new” relationship (which is how I refer to it) is a million times better than our old one.

your relationship will end up right back how it was.