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While it might be awkward to know how to broach the subject of wanting to get set up, it’s a totally acceptable thing to ask a friend. Do you have a friend who is always good for relationship advice?

Is she friends specifically with a guy you're interested in? Either way, don't just ask any friend, but one that you think will really put time and thought into who she sets you up with.

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Remember that you started with both of them as friends; make sure you end that way, whatever happens between them.

If they get together and break up, do your best not to take sides.

And if they do live happily ever after, congratulations on spreading some love!

In case anyone was looking for further proof that Jennifer Lawrence would make a sweet BFF, it turns out she also sets up her friends with her co-star and fellow celeb Bradley Cooper.

Source; When someone sets you up, they really want to feel like they'e done a good job, so they might use words like "best," "most," maybe even "perfect" to describe the guy they picked.

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