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Winners get 500xp per character level, and second place gets 250xp per character level Also as an alternative, for epics or those who just really love crafting, you may choose instead crafting XPs Crafting XP is 500xp for the winner, and 250xp for second, by what level you have in that craft, not character level~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0. " Due to a system enhancement, all votes must have 2 PCs, or the system will not accept ballot.

Please vote for two, or vote for 1 and add "nobody" for the second one. No PC (not player, but individual PC) may win a RPot M award (1st or 2nd place) more than twice in a calendar year.

Is there any way to disable the updating of GPU drivers automatically by Windows?

If there exists some method to only disable GPU driver updates, that would be great, however, if it disables all hardware updates I'd be fine with that as well as all my other hardware are basically running smooth as butter and if need be I can manually download and install drivers as the need arises.

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The only workaround I've found for this issue is to use ASUS's own software called GPU Tweak II to alter the 2D clocks so that they are the same as the 3D clocks at all times.