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He was going through a divorce, that he initiated because he didn’t love his wife anymore — but I ignored the red flag.

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The only caveat I would give here are for the poor souls who live in those dreadful states like Virginia where you must have physical separation of one year and a DAY . If the reason for his divorce is something nebulous like “he fell out of love with her,” that’s a red flag. I’m not saying people don’t divorce for lesser reasons, but the vagaries of “we grew apart” or “we fell out of love” are usually concealing ugly truths like — I was cheating with my boss, I’m a drug addict, I have a serious mental illness and refuse to treat it. Know your worth, and don’t waste your precious time on anyone undeserving of you.

If you’re in one of those It Takes Years To Get a Divorce states, then I’d want convincing evidence that it is OVER. Chumps have sad reasons and heart breaking stories of trying to fix it. The hard thing about no contact is mental — you must trust that he sucks.

So, it has a little bit of “personality.” It needs to have a splendid visual appearance as well though, for it to be really successful.

The verdict came quickly though, and I was immediately impressed by the site’s sleek design and nice friendly layout and colors.

He denied it and insisted I’m jealpus and needy from being cheated on in my marriage.