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Another interesting thing you mentioned is that Nibiru is a "mothership" rather than a planet. Annunaqi Atum Ra The Annunaqi Eloheem are a race of beings created of pure green light and impure amber light before the foundation of this world.

It was on the forth plane, the plane of “ultimate will, or the mental plane” that the division between the so-called good and so-called evil was established.

They came to the planet Earth in order to find gold and other resources, to take back to their planet which is the 8th planet—Rizq, of the 19th galaxy called Illyuwn meaning "on high," which was on its way to destruction due to constant rays from the three suns UTU, APSU, and SHAMASH.

THE ANUNNAQI They were supposed to deliver the processed gold to spaceships that would be stored on the dark side of the moon called (Kingu or Shesqi), and Lahmu (Mars).

These extra-terra-astral (extraterrestrial) are aboard the mother ship Nibiru.