Globalization and dating

For some it might mean little more than a glorified reworking of the market.For others, it may be a powerful organizing ideal (such as those concerned with advancing the communitarian agenda).As such they may be seen in very different ways, not only by people on either side, but also by people on the same side.

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Place and interest communities may well coincide – for example in the case of places where many of those who live there work in the same industry – such as was the case in ‘mining villages’.

Willmott (1989) argues that it is legitimate to add a third understanding of community – that of attachment – as communities of place or interest may not have a sense of shared identity. Cohen’s (1982; 1985) work around belonging and attachment is a great help in this respect.

Here we will focus on understandings within social theory – and ask why should educators be interested in them?

It is helpful to begin by noting that community can be approached as a value (Frazer 2000: 76).

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