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Type in the name of a locale to view profiles of singles there—or let your phone’s GPS alert the app to your location, and it’ll generate a map of singles around you.Contact members you’re interested in for an impromptu meeting—or just show up where they are. You can control whether other users see your exact location or an approximation displaced by 1 to 2 miles.

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“The best part about doing this is it's safe,” says Schreffler, who got a deck of cards herself.

“Your contact details aren't visible, and if he messages you with something unsavory, you can write him off.” thing, Grouper Social Club might be.

Pheromones have been shown to affect attraction in the animal kingdom, and the phenomenon may carry over to humans.

Here’s how it works: Before the party, you wear a T-shirt for three days straight, and then seal it in a plastic bag with a number you’re assigned.

Dating your doppelgänger may seem weird, but we’re naturally attracted to peoplenaturally attracted to people with similar features.