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Great Expectations encourages you to join a group or two and watch yourself grow as you make new friends and become more socially active.

"Real Groups Make a Real Difference" Meetup is the world's largest network of self-organized clubs and community groups.

After spending over an hour of my time signing up, creating a profile, and messaging/receiving my first messages from people on POF, it's disappointing to discover I can't now log into the website via mobile phone or a desktop. Also, I had many recommendations for potential matches towards people who live in Wales. It doesn’t seem to take into account the Bristol Channel separating us.

Any search for the site's logging in issues uncovers complaints on review boards going back as far as 2013 (one, on Microsoft Community/Microsoft Answers has been viewed by 161,000 people since then), which suggests they really don't care about a technology platform that clearly has problems; and care even less about users (the site can't be described as free as they're more than happy to bombard you with revenue-earning advertising banners and links to their other websites, but have so little respect for users, the password reset link they give on the website doesn't do anything). No reply to emails, matches are mostly over 100 miles away despite my profile stating 50 miles. I don’t even think there is an algorithm in this site. So unless I had access to a private helicopter, boat or airplane, these matches were a 150 mile drive away. POF is mostly free to use so don't expect any miracles.

i personally think Corby gilrs laughs are genuine and she is definitely enjoying herself after 2 bottles of Lambrini and steadily making her way through my bag of weed.. Hands up due to certain lack of wallpaper and changing of furniture there is a small area of paper that wasn't complete, but hey i wasn't expecting to bring home a girl on a first date, but she asked me if we could get some Lambrini and just spend the night round mine, we got 2 large bottles.. So many lonely fake mean evil people spreading diseases people need to be more protective when on these sites or internet.

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