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Supporters of the committee, on the other hand, believed that its efforts were justified given the grave threat to U. Not wishing to get on the wrong side of Congress or the movie-going public, most film industry executives did not speak out against the investigations.

In addition, many of the major studios imposed a strict blacklist policy against actors, directors, writers and other personnel implicated in Communist activity.

During the hearing, the suspected Communist was grilled about his or her political beliefs and activities and then asked to provide the names of other people who had taken part in allegedly subversive activities.

Any additional figures identified in this manner also received subpoenas, widening the committee’s probe.

Not only does it combine the trials and tribulations of high school life with the dangers of being a secret superhero, but it also gives Spider-Man a much larger world to play in, one that may be more intimidating than the wallcrawler himself even realizes. There’s rubble everywhere from the climactic battle between Earth’s mightiest heroes and the Chitauri alien invaders that Loki brought to the planet.