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On a dating website you can view their photos, read profiles, and join BBW chat rooms.Basically, you can do everything you need to find a curvaceous local single or even a horny SSBBW.

Such luminaries as Popess Lilith von Fraumench, Dr.

Onan Canobite, Pastor Craig, Reverend Ivan Stang, Reverend Modemac, Sister Decadence, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalen, Papa Joe Mama, and many others have made the Sub Genius IRC devivals an experience that has to be seen! In case you're wondering what happens in our Sunday night devivals, however, logs of past IRC devivals can be found below (not in any particular order, although it may sometimes seem like it): Avoiding Chatroom Trauma: (written long ago, not entirely relevant today) Remember the first time you logged onto a "chat room" crammed with 25 people all typing much faster than you can even TALK, but in Martian?

But some folks get a "rush" from that confusion, just as some enjoy jumping out of planes or having themselves lashed to the back of an enraged bull.

To millions of people, AOL's baffling array of chat rooms IS the Internet.

Since the fall of 1996, the Church of the Sub Genius has held weekly online Devivals on Internet Relay Chat, meeting every Sunday evening at 9 PM Dallas time (10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific).