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Capacity Building: Provide advocacy, resources and education on domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking to local programs, organizations and allies across Idaho. Sexual Assault Services Program: The project provides direct services funding for victims of sexual assault.

Project provides technical assistance and support to member organizations in their efforts to educate local communities on domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Funds are distributed through member programs throughout the State.

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s violence against women, collaborates and coordinates with federal, state, and local entities engaged in violence against women activities to promote positive male behaviors and challenge beliefs that perpetuate violence against women.

Sub-categories of funding and projects include: Efforts include an eight week curriculum implemented at five sites, educational teen groups, and social marketing.

A description of the Idaho Coalition statewide programs are set out below: The Coalition engages voices through the programs set below: 1.

Start Strong Idaho: Building Healthy Teen Relationships (Start Strong) is the largest initiative ever funded to target 11- to 14-year-olds to promote healthy relationships as the way to prevent adolescent dating abuse.

The Start Strong model uses innovative strategies to: ?