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In 1958, Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter, a white man and black woman, got married in Washington, D. After they returned to their hometown in Caroline County, Va., they were arrested and eventually banished from the state. Virginia overturned "miscegenation" laws in at least 17 states.

Since then, mixed-race marriages have continued to climb. Gainesville couple Trecia and Mick Jasper just celebrated their third anniversary in April.

"I think it might have been hard."In October 2009, a Louisiana Justice of the Peace refused to perform a marriage for a mixed-race couple because he was concerned with the rejection and confusion their children would experience growing up.

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"It'd be a different story if we were in the mountains or the Deep South"Ramahn and Adrianne Henderson can relate.

Adrianne Henderson, 28, said she grew up in a "redneck" town in Dixie County.

Based on the Pew report, they represent 8 percent of the U. Mick Jasper, 35, is a firefighter/paramedic for Ocala Fire-Rescue, and Trecia Jasper, 38, works at the UF's Department of Neurological Surgery.

Before Trecia, Mick Jasper, who is white, had only dated outside his race once with an Asian woman.

After seven years of marriage, they have three boys and one girl.