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Here in Vienna, sometimes people stare at us and it’s like “Have you never seen a black woman and a white man before? Some people adhere to this tradition, others don’t. I’m a Filipino and my long-time boyfriend is Italian and we live happily here in Asia, enjoying mixed Asian cultures, which he really enjoys. And I’m impressed that he learned to speak Mandarin too!

In certain traditions, you tend not to smooch your partner in front of your parents. My wife is Taiwanese and I am (white) Canadian, and we live together in Taiwan with out 2 kids. I think we barely notice it, but as you mentioned, every time you go out, others sure like to remind you of it!

The attackers wrote ‘I got my a** whopped’ on her forehead with eyeliner and signed their names, the video shows.

Willis says they took her purse with $50 and her cell phone, then destroyed her driver’s license and threatened to kill Willis if she reported the crime.

I am going to be using the terms black and white in this post rather than Caucasian, African, Afro-American et cetera. However, my sister and cousin both have black husbands. Honestly I don’t think much about my ethnic background most of the time. Thank you for sharing your experience on this topic. I love to talk in my own language Papiamentu, even though I can speak Dutch fluently, it’s sometimes difficult to express something in another language.