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Our course contains step-by-step instructions that show you exactly HOW you can become the pack leader.

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If a dog on a leash aggresses towards another dog walking by and receives hard punishment in the form of jerking, hitting, kicking or restraining, the dog not only learns to fear the person punishing them but also sees the other dog’s presence as a trigger for that punishment, which will make the dog even more insecure and likely to aggress again the next time another dog walks by. Once a dog feels more comfortable walking past other dogs, then gentle introductions can be made.

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We do not want to greet everyone we meet in the street or have strangers come into our space uninvited, and neither do our dogs.

Keep an eye on body language and allow your dog to pick and choose which dogs he or she wants to socialize with.

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We've finally perfected a comprehensive, all-inclusive Bernese Mountain Dog training course that will show you THE EXACT STEPS YOU CAN TAKE to gain control of the situation, understand WHY your Bernese Mountain Dog is being aggressive, stop the annoying behavior that's making it an unpredictable and untrustworthy pet, make yourself the undisputed leader of the pack (with step-by-step instructions regarding exactly HOW you should make yourself the pack leader) and relieve the stresses that may be threatening to break up the loving relationship between you and your dog.