Invalidating parents

and in default of such payment she shall be taken into the possession of the said Church wardens and disposed of for five years, and the said fine of fifteen pounds, or whatever the woman shall be disposed of for, shall be paid, one third part to their majesties ... The plaintiffs, Tony Pace and Mary Cox, were arrested under Alabama's Section 4189, which read:"[I]f any white person and any negro, or the descendant of any negro to the third generation, inclusive, though one ancestor of each generation was a white person, intermarry or live in adultery or fornication with each other, each of them must, on conviction, be imprisoned in the penitentiary or sentenced to hard labor for the county for not less than two nor more than seven years.""The counsel is undoubtedly correct in his view of the purpose of the clause of the amendment in question, that it was to prevent hostile and discriminating state legislation against any person or class of persons.

and one other third part to the use of the parish ... Equality of protection under the laws implies not only accessibility by each one, whatever his race, on the same terms with others to the courts of the country for the security of his person and property, but that in the administration of criminal justice he shall not be subjected, for the same offense, to any greater or different punishment ..."The defect in the argument of counsel consists in his assumption that any discrimination is made by the laws of Alabama in the punishment provided for the offense for which the plaintiff in error was indicted when committed by a person of the African race and when committed by a white person ...

To be simply put, one is labeled ADHD by being too slow on where the image is - top, bottom, left or right sides. Though TOVA itself doesn't make claims that it diagnoses ADHD, only clinicians do, it clearly states that the test identifies ADHD over 86 % of the time.

One needs to be aware that the terms that clinicians can use in describing testing methods, such as "accurate," clearly misleads the person by implying that the TOVA itself is an accurate testing method to determine the diagnosis ADD/ADHD. Terms are important and claims that "it is an accurate indicator of ADD/ADHD" are just not ACCURATE!

More importantly are the parents INFORMED OF THIS IN ADVANCE TO CHILD TESTING?