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They like Western cultures and want the freedom to express themselves.

President Hassan Rouhani, who was elected in 2013 with a large youth majority, has often advocated leniency for Iran’s young people.

Haft Sang translates to ‘Seven Stones’, a traditional ball game in the Middle East and Asia where two teams compete to build or destroy a pile of stones.

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These draconian laws were first put into place in 1979 when the shah was overthrown, and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini came to power.

In Iran, alcohol is an industry that grosses around $700 million dollars per year.

For years, Iranian authorities refused to do anything about their country’s drinking problem and tried to cover it up instead.

As a result, the problem became worse because many alcoholics couldn’t find treatment.

One of these fans put together a comparison video to show how blatantly Haft Sang duplicates Modern Family.