Irs refund status not updating

This documentation must be sent to SURS before they will make the modification in their system.Name changes for CMS our handled in Human Resources.To update marital status as it pertains to tax filing, you must submit new W4 forms, available through the following links or under W-4 on the Human Resources Forms Web page at portlet=3 Link to Illinois withholding form: Forms/withholding/IL-W-4Link to Missouri withholding form: to your legal name and/or Social Security number require documentation and identification verification by University staff and cannot be completed through Banner Self-Service (Cougar Net).

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Who do I need to contact to change my name for supplemental/optional payroll deductions such as ING Relia Star Supplemental Life Insurance, Colonial Cancer Insurance or SIUE Supplemental Retirement (403b) Plan vendors; TIAA-Cref, AXA Equitable, Massachusetts Mutual, or a past vendor?

You will need to contact these vendors directly and advise them of your name change. Unfortunately, because these vendors have their own forms and processes, we cannot make the change.

Employees and retirees should log in to Banner Self-Service (Cougar Net) at https://edu/pls/BANPROD/twbkwbis. name=homepage to update their personal mailing address, phone number, marital status, and emergency contact information.

Human Resources maintains a mailing address for employees and retirees.

If applicable, survivors are to be notified of any personal items, papers, etc., in the department's possession that were the property of the deceased and discuss how such items are to be returned. If the deceased had items of University Property (i.e.