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On Memorial Day weekend, Aaron Reed’s name will grace Earnhardt’s No. In 2005, Reed was a 21-year-old lance corporal in the U. Some of Reed’s family and friends will be guests at Charlotte Motor Speedway Sunday.

Said Earnhardt of the program: “I think it’s great for the families. We get all the families of those servicemen and women out to the racetrack so they can be part of the experience.

He is also one of the signature voices in his sport, unafraid to take a public stand against the sport’s rulers or against his own stepmother.

During our exclusive interview Thursday, he took his half-brother Kerry Earnhardt’s side in Kerry’s ongoing legal dispute with Teresa Earnhardt about the usage of the Earnhardt surname for business purposes. won NASCAR’s all-star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in his rookie season at the sport’s top level.

It’d be awesome to do that since it’s our local track.” Earnhardt has all sorts of things on his mind these days. Earnhardt and his fiancee, Amy Reimann, have been engaged for almost a year (and together for much longer than that).