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People in wheelchairs circled the annual American Public Transportation Association convention, forcing attendees to climb over them, which eventually led to a national standard for accessible buses.

Protesters left their wheelchairs to crawl up the Capitol steps in Washington, influencing legislators to finally pass the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The building designers probably didn’t take into account a nine person sit-in that included five wheelchairs — or the supporters who sneaked onto the closed-off floor to bring food and medications.

Nine protesters were arrested in Gardner’s office that night. All were charged with trespassing, while a couple also were tagged with additional charges of resisting arrest. Her ventilator gave police pause, so they decided to send her to a hospital to be checked and released.

Within seconds, it was swarmed as people in wheelchairs blocked both front and back.

The group, then called Atlantis, had been talking to RTD for more than a year trying to get wheelchair lifts added to all buses. Protesters surrounded it, too, locking both in place. Police of increasing rank would come, demanding that the group disperse.

“They’re really representing all of (the disabled community).” Look at the health care bill, for example, she said.