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Après de vives rumeurs tout au long du mois passé, Robert Greenblatt, le président du divertissement de NBC se veut optimiste sur la survie du soap, ce qui rassure les fans.En février 2017, NBC renouvelle officiellement le soap pour une année supplémentaire.

Le 10 janvier 2017, NBC diffuse le 13 000 épisode du soap.

Une annonce circule en janvier 2017 selon un rapport officiel du magazine People que 2017 pourrait être la dernière année du soap qui obtient la plus longue longévité sur NBC en raison de l'arrivée prochaine de l'animatrice Megyn Kelly, qui quitte Fox News pour NBC et qui prendrait ce temps pour elle avec un talk-show.

I also wondered how many single people were reading the blog and forming an unrealistic idea of marriage. He's a terrible leader and spiritually, you have to lead the marriage because he gives you the control. Please hear my heart that I do understand cases where there's divorce and it's unwanted. My dear friends, Havilah Cunnington and Lisa Bevere have an amazing 12 part series titled #Mom Of Men - teaching you how to raise godly children.

I'm currently writing a book on marriage so I figured I would share a snippet of a chapter because that blog literally lined up with what I was talking about in that chapter. Maybe your last husband had no job and your new boo is a lawyer. Maybe you're constantly psychoanalyzing him, trying to be his mama, maybe you treat him like trash and disrespect him. Maybe your husband left you and ran off with some 18 year old.

It's impossible to make you happy all of the time because we are made up of this flesh, carnal nature.