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It’s about the stories I hear on a regular basis from my female and non-binary peers throughout the sports media industry of the sexist microaggressions — or even worse, outright sexual harassment — they encounter on the job.It’s about the fact that most of these people know that they would be the only ones punished if they came forward with these allegations.It’s about being told your gender means you can’t understand the game, and then walking into a press conference at the NCAA women’s Sweet 16 and realizing you’re the only female reporter in the packed press room.

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This book contains 4 short stories about a group of siblings, their family has a curse where they are hurt on April 1st.

Each story dealt with a different sibling and how they dealt with the curse and the one day when they finally didn't give into the the fear of it.

What Newton said hurts so much because it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

It happened in a world where women and non-binary people are still fighting for respect on a day in, day out basis — across many fields, yes, but particularly in sports media.

"Cam's Catastrophe"A reckless adventurer, Cam is about to take the wildest April Fool's Day plunge ever: jumping into bed with Dr. But it's her own recklessness that fools them both...."Darcy's Dark Day"The clouds lift when Darcy has a sudden opportunity to reel in her longtime crush, Evan!