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In trials, a group of people who are selected and sworn to inquire into matters of fact and to reach a verdict on the basis of the evidence presented to them. Considerable power is vested in this traditional body of ordinary men and women, who are charged with deciding matters of fact and delivering a verdict of guilt or innocence based on the evidence in a case. Modern juries are the result of a long series of U. Supreme Court decisions that have interpreted this constitutional liberty and, in significant ways, extended it.

law, decisions in many civil and criminal trials are made by a jury.

The judicial system took several steps to respond to the report. The government, it wrote, has an interest in trying cases "before the tribunal which the Constitution regards as most likely to produce a fair result." Thus, in federal cases, rules governing Criminal Procedure allow a defendant to waive a jury trial only if the government consents and the court gives its approval. They argue that these Court decisions have deprived lawyers of their absolute discretion in using the challenges and have turned peremptory challenges into challenges for cause. "The Future of the Post-Batson Peremptory Challenge." University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 29. Once selected, the jury is sworn to give an honest and fair decision.

The Minnesota Supreme Court amended jury management rules to authorize Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, the most populous and racially diverse counties in the state, to adopt new jury selection procedures that guarantee that, by percentage, minority group representation on the Grand Jury is equal to that in the two counties. States vary in their approach, with some, such as Nebraska and Minnesota, requiring only the court's approval and others, such as Illinois and Louisiana, granting the defendant's wish as long as the decision is informed. Defenders of the peremptory challenge believe that the new race, gender, and religious affiliation requirements initiated by Batson simply ensure that jurors will not be excluded on the basis of stereotypes. The legal questions are determined by the judge presiding at the trial, who explains those issues to the members of the jury (jurors) in "jury instructions." The common number of jurors is 12 (dating back a thousand years), but some states allow a smaller number (six or eight) if the parties agree.

The only way to correct this record is to allow a party to establish a Prima Facie case of racial or gender discrimination. In certain highly publicized trials, the judge may sequester the jury—that is, isolate its members in private living quarters such as hotel rooms in order to shield them from trial publicity. Implementation Committee on Multicultural Diversity and Fairness in the Courts. In a high-profile criminal case in which the jury might be influenced by public comment or media coverage during trial, the court may order the jury be sequestered (kept in a hotel away from family, friends, radio, television, and newspapers.) (See: juror, jury trial, challenge for cause, peremptory challenge, voir dire, jury panel, sequester, venire)noun adjudgment body, adjudicators, arbiters, arbitrators, array, assessors, body of jurors, determiners, judges of the facts, jurymen, panel, reviewers of fact, talesmen, tribunal, triers of fact Associated concepts: acquittal by a jury, advisory jury, charge to the jury, empaneling a jury, fair and impartial jury, foreman of the jury, Grand Jury, hung jury, impartial jury, instructing the jury, invading the province of the jury, Petit Jury, polling a jury, right to trial by jury, Special Grand Jury, swearing of the jury Foreign phrases: Matter en ley ne serra mise in boutche del jurors.

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