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During the trial, Lozier says Wijnen-Riems testified that when he went to arrest Cicco, it looked like he was reaching for a gun or taser.Prosecutors say it was a rechargeable drill on the passenger seat of the car or near the car’s floor board. Benyo said he is waiting to see if the district attorney will want to re-try this case, however the district attorney says he likely won’t re-try. They are super sexy and have the bodies only a teen can have.

Benyo said the Beaver Police Department and Patrolman Wijnen-Riems has been placed on notice and that there is a federal claim being made against them.

He expects the claim to be made sometime in the next few weeks.

Benyo also said during his client’s trial, he brought to the attention of the jury that he believed eight or nine prior individuals filed civil rights litigation against Wijnen-Riems for his conduct as a police officer.

KDKA’s Amy Wadas reached out to Beaver Police for a comment.

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