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Kim posed with her daughter, who's four, for the series of pictures that hark back to the Kennedy White House of the early 1960s.

But social media was quick to wonder why the 36-year-old, who is of Armenian and British/Dutch descent, looked identical in skin color to her bi-racial child.'Why did they darken her skin to try and make her look black?

Sie findet ihn toll, niedlich und natürlich unglaublich attraktiv und charmant.

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Kim Kardashian only used the cell phone from her leaked naked pics in 2010, as you can see from the photo above taken in that year. Because the guy Kim is f*cking in this sex tape is white, and Kim is a notorious mud shark whore.

However, there was one time in Kim’s life when she was exclusively hooking up with white guys… Below is a list of all the white guys Kim Kardashian was ever “romantically” linked too.

In Sachen Liebe hat Kim Kardashian, 35, schon einen Masterplan für Kendall Jenner, 20.

Und jetzt ratet mal, wer der Mann ist, den Kim als würdig erachtet!

First this video was leaked at about the same time as Kim Kardashian’s nude cell phone photos during “The Fappening”.