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The researchers involved in the study say it adds to evidence that humans did not wipe out the country's megafauna - but not everyone is convinced.

'Taking this work together with the findings of Clarkson and colleagues now pro­vides compelling evidence that humans were in Australia early enough to cause many of the megafaunal extinctions.' A University of Queensland-led research team evaluated artefacts found in various layers of sediment, using advanced dating techniques.

This included radiocarbon dating, which requires a certain level of carbon in a substance.

Researchers examined artefacts found at Madjedbebe (pictured) in the Northern Territory of Australia'But these dates confirm that people arrived so far before that they wouldn't be the central cause of the death of megafauna.'It shifts the idea of humans charging into the landscape and killing off the megafauna.

'It moves toward a vision of humans moving in and coexisting, which is quite a different view of human evolution.'Not everyone in the scientific community will agree, however.

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